Navigate the noise.

Never Without is a small, seasoned team from various backgrounds and disciplines reshaping marketing and advertising in an age of change.

Together, we seek to understand customer behaviors, craft unique experiences and nurture brand connections. We partner with our clients to navigate the noise and develop strategies to drive their business forward. Tracking, reporting, and optimizing our initiatives to measure and maximize ROI.

Our Philosophy

It's not what we do. It's who we are.

For some of us, technology and the Internet are much more than a career; it’s a lifestyle – or a sickness, depending on how you look at it. We are early adapters, beta testers, inventors, and tinkerers. We worked remotely before remote work was all the rage. We believe in constantly challenging ourselves, our processes, and our work product, and we have more gadgets lying around than our local Best Buy. Okay, it’s definitely a sickness. The point is that a huge difference exists between doing and living something. Never Without is born from the culture of technology. It’s who we are.

FUN is mandatory.

(Not an oxymoron.)

The old advertising adage is Fame, Fortune, and Fun, pick two, and you have a good client. Never Without views our clients as partners, and what good is a partnership without Fun?

Besides, we subscribe to that other adage, do what you Love, and Fortune and Fame will come. It hasn’t failed us yet.

You get me. You really get me.

Never Without is in the business of behavior. First, we uncover and groom the characteristics of a brand that can make true connections with consumers. Then, we apply a tailored program of connective interactions to adapt the brand dynamic from passive presence to active participation in consumers’ lives. A brand they not only relate to but advocate.

Brand promises. Don’t keep your fingers crossed.

Today's consumers are more informed than ever, and that’s not changing. If your brand is going to make a promise, you’d better intend to keep it. An unfulfilled brand promise is worse than making no promise at all. Never Without helps clients leverage their brand attributes and create meaningful, honest communication with customers. Promises backed with action. It’s a simple thought, but then again, so is recycling.

Last pick. You get Johnny.

Quality over quantity is a guiding principle of Never Without, and nowhere is that more prevalent than in our people. We firmly believe that one rotten apple can spoil the bunch, no matter the size of the organization. The people of Never Without are smart, creative, and love what they do. But perhaps what truly sets us apart is our accountability, not only to our clients – but to one another. The sum is bigger than its parts, and there is no room for dead weight. At the end of the day, an agency is nothing more than a group of people its clients believe in. A concept that is easily accepted when an agency first believes in itself.

Technology snobs need not apply.

Okay, we all have at least one story about the “Digital” person who thought he was the second coming and treated everyone else like an idiot because they didn’t know what NFT stood for. The people of Never Without are just that – real people, real, down-to-earth people. Over the years, we’ve found that the more we educate clients and partners about what we do, the more success we all share. Digital marketing is challenging enough; why create obstacles? Non-fungible token ;)

Hybrids are better.

Never Without operates under a hybrid business model, centralizing core talent and leveraging a decentralized network of dedicated resources from around the country. The result is a highly responsive, scalable, and flexible organization that gives clients of any size experience through leadership and a tremendous depth of resources.

There’s nothing wrong with multiple partners.

Never Without is an agency for agencies. We play well with others and are quite versed in augmenting the expertise and services of other agencies. We respect all marketing and advertising roles and work with agency partners to merge the best of all worlds to create innovative, integrated campaigns. We are driven by opportunity, not a quick buck. And seek to be a long-term partner, whether working on the front lines or in the shadows.

Thin is in.

(Hasn’t it always been?) Never Without is a low-overhead organization. We work remotely, prefer Zoom to air travel (although we’re always up for meeting over coffee), and will take function over flash any day. We recognize that our clients trust us to spend their money wisely, and what better way to demonstrate fiscal responsibility than to live it?

Results beat awards. Like paper beats rock.

Do you know how many marketing and advertising awards there are? Neither do we. Awards are nice, but to be honest, we’d rather focus on our clients’ business than enter the awards circuit. We’ve found that case studies and track records trump awards every time. Besides, would you rather go to your boss with a “Golden Warthog” or a double-digit sales increase? We know the answer. Results grow business. Golden Warthogs collect dust.


Mickey Cohen
Managing Partner, Insights & Planning
Naoya Wada
Managing Partner, Experience Design & Technology
Heidi Klein
Vice President, Media & Analytics
Lisa Katz
Vice President, Business Development